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  • General
      Who is Dubai FDI?

      ​Dubai FDI is an agency of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai that offers essential information and provides invaluable support to foreign companies who intend to invest 

      How can Dubai FDI help me?

      ​Dubai FDI guides, advises and provides practical assistance with all aspects of business decisions and management, starting from determining the best legal structures to identifying ​

      How many Free zones are there in Dubai?

      ​There are twenty four free zones in Dubai​

      What is the tax in Dubai?

      ​0%, there is no tax in Dubai, except for hotels and companies operating in the oil sector.​

      Can a woman work in Dubai? Can she drive a car?

      ​Women have equal rights as men in the UAE.

      Is there any international schools in Dubai? What are the curriculums?

      ​Dubai has more than 140 private schools that offer a variety of curricula including American, British, French, German, Indian, International Baccalaureate, and Russian.​

      What level of medical care is available in Dubai?

      ​World class hospitals and clinics reside in Dubai.

      Can U.A.E. national investors benefit from FDI services?

      ​Dubai FDI services are available to foreign investors. However, UAE nationals can approach Dubai SME or Dubai DED directly.​

      How do we access the regional market from Dubai?

      ​The regional GCC market can be accessed through air and road networks, while the broader MENA & SA network can be accessed through air infrastructure. Once setup in Dubai, companies can leverage the GCC FTA to easily reach various markets.

      What are the countries that Dubai has a double taxation agreement with?

      ​Dubai does not have direct avoidance of double taxation treaties, however the Ministry of Finance has signed several agreements on a federal level.

      Why to locate my business in Dubai rather than GCC?

      ​Dubai is one of the most connected destinations in the GCC, MENASA and World. Emirates serves 16 destinations from Dubai to GCC region daily. Dubai's quality of life is unparalleled in the region, allowing people of all different ethnicities to work and live in a safe harmonious environment. UAE is ranked 22 in the Doing Business report, ahead of any other GCC country, reinforcing Dubai's business friendly environment.​

      Is my IP protected in Dubai?

      ​The UAE currently works on enhancing its Intellectual Property laws. The UAE works closely with The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and has been a member since 1974. For more information on the IP laws, kindly visit this link.

      What are the differences between the legal framework of the DIFC and the one in Dubai or the rest of Free zones?

      ​DIFC follows UK Common law while Dubai follows UAE law. ​

      What is the eligibility criteria to avail Dubai FDI services?

      ​All foreign investors are eligible for assistance from Dubai FDI.​

      Can I become a U.A.E. citizen if I live and practice my business in Dubai for a number of years?


      Is there any charge for acquiring Dubai FDI services?

      ​Dubai FDI services are free.​

      Did Dubai held any of the free trade agreements?

      ​Dubai does not have any direct FTA's however the UAE has signed FTA's and is also pursuing various bilateral trade agreements. 

  • Advisory Services
      Can Dubai FDI help me get a property for my business?

      ​Dubai FDI can advise you on selecting locations that conform to your business and target customers.

  • Investment Promotion
      What does Dubai FDI offer other than what a Free zone offers?

      ​Dubai FDI and Free zones complement each other. Dubai FDI can introduce you to all free zones in the city. Also, it can help you register your company outside of free zones.

      Can I set up a company in a free zone through Dubai FDI?

      ​Dubai FDI can introduce you to a dedicated account manager in any free zone of your choice.​

      What sectors can I invest in?

      ​Dubai's strategic sectors are: Logistics, Health, Finance, Education, Renewables, Technology, Tourism, Retail, Light assembly and Manufacturing.

      What incentives does Dubai FDI offer?

      ​All of Dubai FDI's services are free. The city of Dubai offers great incentives such as: Tax free environment, no limitation on repatriation of profit, Tax free personal income, growing economy and a strategic geographical location.​

      What countries, sectors, regions Dubai FDI is targeting?

      ​Dubai FDI is pleased to assist all investors. Our target sectors are: Logistics, Health, Finance, Education, Renewables, Technology, Tourism, Retail, Light assembly and Manufacturing.

      Can Dubai FDI provide me with sector reports?

      ​Dubai FDI offers sectorial reports that can be download from our website and releases a quarterly electronic magazine "Invest" on Apple's NewsStand. ​

  • Investment Support
      How is Dubai FDI different from Dubai Chamber or any other information agency?

      ​Dubai FDI assigns account managers dedicated to assist investors in getting all their questions answered, advise them with business structure, recommend and introduce them to free zones, accelerate business set up when possible, and provide assistance for future growth.

      Can Dubai FDI help me with financing?

      ​Dubai FDI can introduce strategic projects to possible partners.

      Can Dubai FDI help with my office utilities?

      ​Dubai FDI does not offer any subsidy however we will facilitate meetings with utility providers.​

      Can Dubai FDI help me to find a local partner?

      ​Dubai FDI can recommend potential local partners who are involved in various industries but we cannot recommend one partner over the other.

      Can Dubai FDI help me to find a local service agent?

      ​Dubai FDI can recommend Emirati companies whom you may partner with.​

      Does Dubai FDI work for Dubai only or it can help me set up in other Emirates?

      ​Dubai FDI services encompass Dubai only. Although we can't assist in other Emirates, but we can refer you to Government entities that could.

      Can Dubai FDI walk with us through the set-up process of our business? Will you help me with getting approvals? Attending external meetings?

      ​Dubai FDI can guide you throughout the whole process of set-up and provide all necessary assistance when required.​

      Can I get a support letter from Dubai FDI?

      ​Yes, when applicable.

      Can Dubai FDI help me to relocate my business from on-shore to free zone and vice versa?