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 How Can Dubai FDI Help?

Free Zones
Free Zones
Dubai was the first emirate to pioneer the free zone model, offering foreign businesses attractive concessions and a number of investment incentives, including​ 100 percent ownership of a subsidiary and zero taxation.

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Strategic Sectors
Strategic Sectors
Dubai's thriving economy welcomes with open arms and supports with hands-on help all international business, from sole proprietors to multi-national corporations. And the time has never been better to invest...

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​​​​​​​​With expert advice, practical help and unwavering commitment, Dubai FDI is not only vital in establishing a business, but is also essential in maximising potential and developing growth. Dubai FDI office of the Department of Economic Development (DED), Government of Dubai, provides guidance, support and hands-on help for foreign investors looking to build a successful business in Dubai. As a non-profit partner, Dubai FDI works alongside new ventures and existing companies moving into the most dynamic economy in the Middle East and one the most lucrative regional markets in the world.




Dubai FDI advises on all aspects of setting up businesses and branches and facilitates the process to guarantee the most efficient service possible from evaluating freezone options to securin​g licenses.

To ensure that as many new foreign companies as possible are able to begin business in Dubai, there is a vast number of business options to choose from. Dubai FDI not only points companies in the right direction, but also walks alongside them as they prepare to trade in Dubai, offering advice throughout the journey to make the process as smooth as possible.

The location of a business can be one of the most critical factors for success and the right choice is vital. Dubai FDI will help with suitability and eligibility, giving overseas companies a distinct competitive advantage.

There is also expert advice on finance, ownership and legal matters which are invaluable when negotiating a new market. Understanding the criteria for business types, business activities, licences etc. in a foreign market can be daunting, but Dubai FDI takes the pressure off what is already a big step forward for many investors.




Thanks to ongoing refinements and efficiency measures, building a successful business in Dubai has never been easier. Dubai FDI manages many processes which can often be both time-consuming and confusing in other locations. These include government administration, assessment and approval procedures, among many others.

There are also templates, examples and of course, the Dubai FDI team on hand to help overseas investors complete those processes themselves.

As well as guidance on the best course of action to begin operations in Dubai, whether opening a large company branch, beginning a new specialist business or taking advantage of the knowledge economy potential, Dubai FDI will provide the support needed to complete each stage.

From the rules governing a new Limited Liability Company to the regulations surrounding the opening of a foreign branch, Dubai FDI helps companies not only with the basics, but also with the specifics, which in other markets can be frustrating, time consuming and costly.

For extra support, Dubai FDI is always at hand either online, by telephone or in person at any one of the Dubai FDI branches.




Dubai FDI has a vast network of professionals who can help companies to establish contacts and partnerships. This support also provides foreign businesses with the perfect grounding to understand the local, regional and international market potential and identify the best economic opportunities.

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